At the Didkovichi quarry our Company mines granite blocks under ТМ «Star of Ukraine»
(deposit code Cr112 ) - this is one of the most dense rock formations of granite in Ukraine.


«Star of Ukraine» - granite of high decorative properties. Due to its texture and harmonious combination of shades of green, pink and gray colors, it is valued by many designers. Due to artistic and decorative features, the granites of Didkovichi granite deposit have high quality polishing, assuming the mirror surface. Granites are classified as Class 1 of radioactivity and are suitable for use in all types of construction without restrictions.


«Star of Ukraine» granite has low water absorption and high resistance to frost and dirt. This is the reason why granite is used both indoors and outdoors. The scope of application is external and internal wall cladding, plinth wall, parapets, steps, curbs. It is also used in designing building facades and interior decorative finishes.


There are several categories of granite blocks: 

Category A is the granite slab block, having the largest area.
Category B is the granite block with slight defects. 
Category C is the granite block with defects, like natural fiber, color tone, natural inclusions.
Category D is the granite block with various defects.