Didkovichi Quarry LLC Company is the owner of Didkovichi granite deposit. The commercial field development is performed since 1992. The quarry designed capacity is 5,000 m3 of blocks per year. The service life of commercial operation of the quarry is estimated as 165 years.  

Didkovichi quarry, like most of the granite quarries, is developed through the open-cut mining. The granite blocks are mined through splintering method - by drilling holes in the rock and filling them with explosives, as well as using the wire saw.  

The quarry is equipped with modern mining equipment, in particular, two self-propelled drilling rigs Commando 110 and Commando 120 from Tamrock, horizontal and vertical drilling machines Marini, Driller Marini machines, machines of diamond wire passing Marini, excavator Hitachi, loader Volvo.  

Our company is focused on mutually beneficial cooperation with the stone processing enterprises and companies involved in decoration in Ukraine, Russia, and in many European countries. We value our company’s reputation in the market and are confident that the quality of our products and services are the pledge of strong partnership.