Characteristics of granite

Didkovichi granite is related to the polychrome granites, has a delicate brown color with pinkish hues. Pinkish-brown background has black specks that quite clearly stand out against the background. Medium-grained granite structure, which signifies about its high density, resistance to any type of treatment, decorative effect, durability. The surface of Didkovichi granite can be perfectly polished and treated with the heat. The stone is used not only for the exterior but also the interior cladding of buildings and structures. Natural radiation level corresponds to the first class and is suitable for all types of construction.


Physical and mechanical properties of the stone

Bulk density: 2675 кg/m3
Water absorption: 0,24 % 
Ultimate compressive strength:  250 MPa 
Resistance to abrasion: 0,30 g/cm2


Minerals (%)

Microcline:  58
Plagioclase:  15
Quartz:  20
Black mica: 5
Other: 2


Application class: 1 class